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In a corporate content, persuasion typically takes place via a presentation, and specifically a meeting-room style presentation. In such a meeting, the audience’s expectation is that the presentations must be persuasive, clear and concise.

The PIVOTAL Executives Presentation Series (PIVOTAL-Series) was created to help executives master the competencies needed to plan & design, construct, and deliver & engage impactful and effective meeting-room style presentations.

The PIVOTAL-Series is delivered in 3 integrated-modular courses.

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Plan &




Deliver & Engage


  • Acquire the competency to plan evidence-driven content, craft an audience-centric storyline and design compelling visuals for a persuasive, clear & concise presentation deck

  • 2-day course

  • Acquire the competency to construct meeting-room style data charts and slide layouts that are both visually appealing and communicative

  • 1-day course

  • Master the competency of critical delivery and engagement skills needed for high-stake meeting-room style presentations to senior-level stakeholders

  • 1-day course with 1-day optional

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