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If you have more than 15 participants that you're keen to send to my public workshop, you might want to consider organizing a Custom Workshop for your team(s) instead.


Participants from Custom Workshops will receive the same content and acquire the same takeaways as participants from the Public Workshops. The key difference lies in: (a) special group pricing, and (b) the use of contextualized case scenarios – which are persuasive situations that are real, relevant and current to the participants’ day-jobs – that they will work through during the course of 2-day workshop.


Contextualized case scenarios enhance relate-ability and relevance, enable participants to engage in deeper discussions, and accelerate transference of skills and knowledge back to the workplace.


For every Custom Workshop and as part of its value-adding services, INSIGHTS Associates will jointly develop and contextualize the different case scenarios with you – based on the profiles of the participants.


Interested in organizing a Custom Workshop for your teams?

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