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Neon and Faux Neon

Neon, Faux Neon, diversified forms of signs锛孻ou can choose from a wide range of colors and shapes to create a custom neon sign that perfectly fits your business and brand锛宨t can catch your attention.

Faux Neon

Faux Neon锛宎crylic polished to an arc shape锛宼he back of the acrylic is embedded in stainless steel channels and secured with screws

It is customized and adaptable!

Do the contents of other neon letters boring you?

Only you can convey your actual feelings with neon, so we give bespoke services just for you!

Neon signs can be used for a range of situations, including the home, bar, party, wedding, caf茅, business, dormitory, anniversary, birthday, and other festivals, depending on your design.

Choose your colors from the palette

When neon lights are turned on and off, their colors change, allowing them to provide diverse effects in bright and dark environments and react to the surrounding environment.

We'll start working on your hand-crafted neon sign personalized to your exact specifications as soon as we finish smoothing out the last elements of your bespoke design.

We pledge to construct every signs with great love and care.


Q1:I just want to order one or two. Is it good?

A1: of course. Our minimum order quantity is one set.

Q2: Are you a manufacturer?

A2:We are a professional manufacturer of letters. We can control the quality and price to your satisfaction.Neon And Faux Neon suppliers



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